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Painting Articles and Information

Painting Related Links – Links to Paint Manufacturers, Information and Color Consultants.

Material Issues

How Sunlight, temperature and moisture can affect paint – Experts agree that the three worst enemies of paint are temperature fluctuations, ultraviolet sun rays, and moisture.

Stuck With Stucco -Paint won’t do the job if old stucco needs replacing.

Come Hither Doors -A new doorway will considerably boost the value of your abode.

Paint Prep – How to make a dirty, tiring job a little less horrid. A ‘primer’ on prepping the substrate.

What Makes Paint Durable? – The old New York Yankees, Green Bay Packers, and the San Francisco 49ers share at least one common trait with all top quality paints.

Selecting a Contractor

Do-It-Yourself Contractor – A hard hat to wear. New York Times, 10/11/02

I’m Ok, You’re Ok, My Contractor’s Ok – I was looking for a book on the most important kind of relationship in the Bay Area, the one between homeowner and contractor.

Selecting a Contractor – Contractor selection is a critical factor in the success of any construction project. A guide to choosing the right contractor with specific questions you can ask.

Ripped Off By Contractor? – So many people seem to be having trouble with contractors that it almost seems like an epidemic.

California Contractors State License Board – These CSLB guides and pamphlets can help you size up your prospective contractor.

Sticker Shock – If you’ve received any bids from contractors for a major remodel recently, you may have experienced that quick uptake of breath that accompanies ‘sticker shock’ – “What?”

What about color?

What About Color? – You have decided to give your home a facelift with a new paint job. This is where the hard decisions begin. How do you choose the right painting company? What paint should you use? And sometimes the most daunting question of all: What should the colors be?

Mad About Color – Color consultants keep clients from making costly mistakes.

Painting Tips From The Color Doctors – Tips for overcoming your color anxiety.

Designing Minds – Does Choosing Paint Call For A Stroke of Genius?

Shades Of History – The Painted Ladies aren’t the only dolled-up Victorians in town.

Rentals and Landlords

Landlord’s, Deposits & Painting – Can rental deposits be charged for painting and cleaning costs?

Landlords: How Do You Handle A Painting Request? – What Should I Do?

Lead Articles and Information

‘Safe’ Lead Levels Lower IQ in Children, Study Finds – Los Angeles Times, April 2003

Low Level Lead Exposure May Pose Risks -Wall Street Journal, 9/11/02.

Law Protects Against Lead-Based Paint – Los Angeles Times, April 2003

Contractors Ignore SF’s Lead-Paint Hazard Law – City has collected no fines despite issuing 341 citations.

Guide to the Exterior Lead Paint Ordinance – Under San Francisco’s Lead Paint Ordinance, uncontrolled dusturbance of exterior lead paint is prohibited!

Lead Hazard Info Resources – Links and phone numbers.

Lead Paint Measures Show Promise – Attorney General Janet Reno called lead paint “one of the biggest environmental threats facing children today.” How the 1992 Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act is doing.

Protection Enhanced Against Lead-Paint Exposure – New federal and city laws have substantially widened consumer protection against lead-paint exposure and imposed requirements on building owners and the contractors who paint them.

San Francisco’s Lead Paint Violators Face On-Spot Fines – Building inspectors were given the power to impose fines on the spot for careless removal of lead paint from the city’s older buildings.

States Criticized on Lax Lead Tests for Poor Youths – Federal investigators say most states are flouting a 1989 law requiring that young children on Medicaid be tested for lead poisoning.

Occupational Health Hazards

Cement Products – Portland cement is an ingredient in many restoration products from finish plaster to tile grout to redi-mix concrete.

Lead-Based Coatings – Assume that any paint layers put on before 1978 contains lead.

Methylene Chloride – Methylene Chloride is the active ingredient in many paint strippers.

Mineral Spirits (Paint Thinner) – Paint thinner is erroneously thought to be harmless.

Other Related Hazards – Demolition, plaster dust, and creosote can be very harmful.

Respirators and Breathing Hazards – An illustrated article on respiratory dangers and how to avoid them.

Toluene – Toulene can be found in some paint removers and it is extremely toxic.

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