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Some Pointers on Evaluating  Multiple Painting Contractors

Modamas Fine Painting Inc. expects and encourages you to get multiple bids for your house painting project. Only by comparing house painters can you find the one that’s right for you.

We understand that cost can be an important consideration when undertaking a house painting project.

Our bids are largely based upon 3 things:

  • The time in skilled labor and management that we expect to spend fulfilling the promise of our proposal.
  • The cost of the quality materials that will be used to this end.
  • The overhead of providing insurance, certification and support for the project.

In general, a painting project can be expected to take a number of hours to do everything properly.

We suggest that i f you find a substantial discrepancy between bidders, especially when a bid comes in substantially lower than the pack, there is always a reason.

Always. If you find this to be your experience in collecting proposals, we encourage you to critically ask:

How can a legitimate, licensed, insured, EPA certified painting contractor using skill laborers who are in fact covered by his current, active, verifiable insurance policy can offer this project at this price?

To this end, we offer the Evaluating and Vetting Multiple House Painters checklist below.

We hope this helps!


Remember: It is illegal in the State of California for any company or individual to perform home improvement services over $500 without a contractor’s license issued by the State of California.

Hiring an unlicensed or underinsured contractor can bring your project far more risk than savings. You can be held liable for on-the-job injuries, taxes and/or insurance. You can even be held liable for an unlicensed contractor’s illegal acts. Licensed contractors are subject to laws designed to protect both you and your property.

Hire only licensed and bonded contractors.

Contact the California Contractors State License Board (CSLB) to see if a license exists for any company you are thinking of hiring. You can check by calling 1-800-321-CSLB (2752) or visit - Then click on the “Instant License Check” box in the top left hand corner, then click on “Business Name” or “License Number” if you have that, then enter the info. & click “search.”

Modamas Painting: Calif. License # 629936, and bonded through Old Republic Surety, Contractor’s License Bond #: GCL1149816.

Contractor #2 _____________________ License #: _____________ Lic. Bond # _____________ Contractor #3 _____________________ License #: _____________ Lic. Bond # _____________

Does company carry workers’ compensation insurance to cover injury to employees?

Modamas Painting: We are covered through Everest National Insurance Company,
expiration date: 4/1/2018, Policy #: 7600005101171, workers’ compensation insurance information under letter “C."

Contractor #2 __________________________ Policy #: ____________________________ Contractor #3 __________________________ Policy #: ____________________________

Does company carry liability insurance to protect against damage to your property as well as your neighbors’ properties?

Modamas Painting: We carry one million dollars ($1,000,000) in liability insurance through Colony Insurance Co., expiration date: 4/1/2018, Policy #: 103 GL 0017426-00
(see included Certificate of Insurance, which has our liability insurance information under letter “A”).

Contractor #2 __________________________ Policy #: ____________________________ Contractor #3 __________________________ Policy #: ____________________________

Is company certified for new EPA safe-lead practices, mandated by a 4/22/10 Federal law?

Modamas Painting: We are certified and have included Modamas’ EPA lead certificate, certification # NAT-31004-2, dated 6/3/15 and valid through 6/2/20.

Contractor #2 __________________________ EPA certified? Yes No

Contractor #3 __________________________ EPA certified? Yes No


Did company provide a current Certificate of Liability Insurance & EPA Lead Certificate? Modamas Painting: You may view  both certificates at this site.

Contractor #2 ______________________EPA certificate? Yes No, Insurance certificate? Yes No

Contractor #3 ______________________EPA certificate? Yes No, Insurance certificate? Yes No


Did company provide many current and recently finished addresses for you to inspect their work and workers?

Modamas Painting: We will include addresses of many of our recently completed paint jobs when we deliver your proposal, as well as many we are working on currently. We are always happy to provide addresses for additional recently completed jobs, as well as personal contact information of references upon request.

Contractor #2 __________________________ Current jobs:_____________________________

Contractor #3 __________________________ Current jobs: _____________________________


Did company provide a link to their Yelp reviews, as well as phone numbers to contact the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for their reviews?

Modamas Painting: We have great reviews and want you to read them and research us, so see please see below:

Our Yelp reviews can be found at: BBB phone numbers: 866-411-2221 & 510-238-1000

Contractor #2 __________________________ Yelp & BBB reviews? Good Bad Mixed None

Contractor #3 __________________________ Yelp & BBB reviews? Good Bad Mixed None

We hope this helps you find a quality contractor for your painting project. If you have any further question or concerns please contact Peter or Jeff in our office at 415-552-6567, or e-mail us at


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