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Getting Started with Modamas

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Whether your project is an interior or exterior, you will need to consider:

The Estimate

You should plan on spending 20-90 minutes with our estimator to allow ample time to ask all of your questions and allow us to review every aspect of your project. All of our estimates are thorough, tailored to just your needs and never "ball-parked".

Call to schedule a free estimate: 415-552-6567 or email us at to express your interest in starting the process.

Each of your concerns and all of your expectations will be carefully noted and ultimately calculated into our final bid.


Project Scheduling

Plan well ahead, especially during peak seasons (spring/summer/fall.) The calendar fills up quickly from late summer onward, as clients rush to get projects calendared "before the rains come." If this is a concern, consider moving ahead with your project before late September.

If coordinating more than one contractor, i.e. carpenters, roofers, general contractors, it is also wise to think ahead, as complex projects may last longer than anticipated.

Color selection/Samples

Ask about  color consultation.

Jobs proceed much more efficiently when these (sometimes weighty) decisions are finalized well before work begins.

Some clients find it a good idea to set up an appointment with a recommended color consultant. We can roll out samples directly on the surfaces to be painted for your consideration. Many clients find this process helps them to visualize the final results most effectively.


Pre-Flight Production Meeting

Prior to commencement of the job, we will arrange for a brief meeting with our estimator, our production manager or foreperson and the client.

It is a good time to make introductions and an excellent opportunity to review and further clarify the scope of the job and the expectations of the finished product.


Home owner Associations & Condos

Designate one contact person before scheduling estimate and reach a consensus regarding scheduling and colors. Let us help coordinate scheduling.


Our Production Teams

Once things get rolling, one of our seasoned project managers will be your prime contact for generally all questions & concerns.   All of our managers have been working with Modamas since the mid 1990’s and are great technical painters, job site managers and are really attentive to customer satisfaction. 

Our customers appreciation of our team really shows up in the Yelp reviews. You may have noticed, how many of our managers (& painters) are actually mentioned by name on Yelp (the guys love it!) in glowing terms: Rick, Raleigh, John, Andres, Sam.  Additionally, most of our workers have also been with the company for many many years.  

Regarding Materials

It does not pay to skimp on materials.

Modamas uses only the finest materials in our projects: primers, paints, fillers, caulks are all of the highest quality to ensure a long lasting paint job.

We do not take a one-size-fits-all approach to material selection. Different substrates, pre-existing conditions, even color selection are taken into account as we choose the best materials for your project.


Depending upon your project, it may involve scaffolding, ladders, rope falls, man-lifts or any combination there of. When scaffolding is necessary, we solicit bids from a few choice local scaffolding contractors and then pass this price along to you, without any markup.

Job Site Permitting

Often, jobs require a San Francsico Street Space permit. When this is the case, we pull and purchase the permit for you.

Licensing and Insurance

And of course, Modamas is fully Licensed, Bonded & Insured, meaning that you and your property will be treated professionally, respectfully and be fully protected against incident.

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December 2017

Recently Completed (2017)

225 Hartford - Castro, multi-unit, very nice.

1981 Pacific Ave. Pacific Heights@ Gough

1640 Hayes - NOPA decorative Victorian

2455 Lake St. - Exterior, 13 unit corner apartment bldg.

220 Mallorca - Full Marina interior - Pre-sale, sweet!

Recently Completed (2015-2016)

772 7th Ave
1416 11th Ave.
1519 11th Ave.
4163 17th St.
4156 22nd St
4152 23rd St.
630 43rd Ave.
61 Annapolis
154 Anserson
2665 Baker
2320 Broadway
3248 Broderick
545 Buena Vista West
2102 Bush
503 Cabrillo
3716 Cesar Chavez
3294 Clay
2781 Clay
760-762 Clayton
22 College Terrace
233 Corbett
451 Diamond
830 Divisadero
214 Ellsworth
640 Euclid
201-205 Eureka
1035 Fell
2752 Filbert
2573 Folsom
204 Frederick
1190 Fulton
4900 Fulton
4827 Geary
2052 Green
2656 Greenwich
1401 Grove
924 Grove
1452 Hayes
3201 Jackson
1725 Jones
1501 Lake
442 Lyon
746 Lyon
1743 Mason
3843 Mission
207 Montcalm
181 Noe
44 Ord Ct.
2590 Pine
25 Retiro
3016 Sacramento
1333 Scott
1333 Scott
775 Union
2208 Vallejo
209 Walnut
79 . Walter
3329 Washington
3358 Washington
344 Willard   North


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