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The work we do speaks for itself,

but you don't have to take it from us.

Quality assurance

is our top priority and our testimonials

are the metric of our success.

San Francisco, CA


Modamas painted the interior of my 1940s Edwardian home in Pacific Heights. The moldings and baseboards had not been painted in 30+ years and were filled with nicks, scratches and indentations. Most of the walls and ceilings had to be repaired and resurfaced. The 6 week project was managed by @ Alfredo Ávila and his capable team. I have high standards and agonized over picking the right color and sheen- both of which changed several times  during the 4 week preparation.  Alfredo couldn't have been more helpful Painting numerous samples with numerous colors. He never complained (at least to me -:) and gave me valuable advice to help me decide. The end result of his team's work was superb on every level. I'm very grateful for their exceptional work and highly recommend Modamas. P.S. I met with 14 different firms before selecting Madamas.

San Francisco, CA


We're very happy we hired Modamas to paint the exterior of our house. It was a decent sized job and Modamas put four people on the job, which lasted four weeks. The crew was professional, and their work is high quality. They are clearly knowledgeable and experienced. They showed up every day on time. We had a manager, Nelson, who took ownership of the project and managed his crew professionally and respectfully. He was easy to work with, gave his educated opinion about things, such as which brand and type of paint works best in our SF weather. When there were issues, Nelson was flexible and interested in finding a solution that worked for us.

Something to state, which most people know, is the prep work is the most important and time consuming of a paint job. They spent 75% of the time on prep, filling cracks in the stucco, sanding the window sills, etc. The actual paint looks fantastic and should last a long time.

We will use them again, and I highly recommend them to others.

San Francisco, CA


As owners in a six unit building, we were in charge of getting painting contractors to paint the front of our Victorian Lady. We were impressed with Ra!eigh Thompson and Modamus Painters from the start. More than any other estimator, he "saw" our building.  He saw the areas likely to need repair and he saw the possibilities to make her "pop" without being gaudy.  Raleigh has a great color sense and years of experience to know what works and what doesn't. I found Raleigh more useful than a color consultant because  your practical choices are sometimes dictated when your house is south facing and on a busy street.  And you want your lady to "fit" into the neighborhood. 
None of the other contractors we vetted came close to the thoroughness of Modamus and I would advise you to read carefully your contract to 
see what is included and what isn't.  Painting a Victorian is expensive and you want to hire someone who will not skimp on the prep work.
Modamus scraped, they sanded, they repaired.  What a mess. Our mosaic was protected and everyday Carlos and his crew cleaned up our place even hosing down ours and our neighbors sidewalk. It was spotless. 
I could hear the guys singing, clearly they like their jobs. There were no sloppy paint lines, no shortcuts, they even painted our house numbers.  
But all things must eventually come to an end. When they were done we caught them turned around, looking up and smiling with pride.  "She's beautiful."  The scaffolding has been down only a few hours and we are getting numerous compliments. Raleigh is back looking for any touchups. He is a perfectionist and wants his buildings to shine. I really like Raleigh, Carlos and crew.  I will miss them but because of the thoroughness of their work and the products they use, will probably not need to see them for at least ten years. I have attached photos but you really have to see her in person. I AM SO HAPPY.

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